Models weekend!

What a pleasure, as always, to work alongside the fabulous beauticians at Tipz N Toez in their Tonbridge and Paddock Wood Salons.

This fortnight I wanted to try some different fillers and build my portfolio and the lovely ladies who booked didn't disappoint. Some gorgeous results using dermal fillers for lip enhancements. Don't forget to check out Instagram and Facebook @salovethyskin for up to date photos.

I really wanted to show you some fabulous cheek enhancements but alas no takers this time, I shall be making an offer you can't refuse soon so you can see the magic that enhancements in this area make. As we age how our fat is stabilised deteriorates (loss of collagen) and this is what causes the 'sag' increasing naso-labial folds and marionette lines. By having your cheeks slightly enhanced it puts back the appearance of fat and lifts the skin, this lessens the naso-labial folds and although dermal filler to this area may still be needed to get the desired effect it will be significantly less. This is beneficial to the overall look of youth. The 'beautiful' face has proportions similar to an inverted triangle, widest point at the top of the head tapering to the chin. When we just use fillers around the mouth this can lead to widening the point at the chin and disturbing the triangle.

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